Sword of armies

sword of armies - part 1


Deosin and Fitz were in the inn on new years eve in Middenheim. Having had successfully completed several missions they were relaxing though with an eye out for a new adventure for the new year. While Fitz took a nap before new year, deosin decided to meet some new people. He got talking to two adventurers, John and Uthgard (a woman), Deosin bought drinks aallround and got chatting. Uthgard gave him 2 coins – shillings which she said would be important for them, Deosin polished one side of the coins and found they were very old 1547, the current year is 2499. They see new year in with the bar keeper using a blue box which is a magicak accurate time keeping thing which disappears into thin air after midnight has been called. They then stagger back to their rooms, Deosin almost passing out . Asking everyone for a mission to complete, but no one has anything to offer.

They wake up a few hours later having both had the same dream:

They dream they re in a field of flowers and a scottish guy walks up to them, medium height, glint in his eyes. He has short blonde hair. He is the God of Madness and has had a lot of his power stolen, he says:
“I have decided that you two shall be the ones to recover my power! It was stolen at new year in another time zone and Has been takedn to a sacred glade and is being guarded by many feral creatures and undead beings. "

We ask why he needs us and he says tha the he has even less power in that area, but can give us some special forces that will help us. He gives us the power to change anything into something else, though it is not very controllable, sometines it will turn the thing into something useful, sometimes into something benign sometimes into something worse, and sometimes it will do nothing at all. He also gave us a little of his power in the form of +1 to our toughness. He made it clear that should we turn down the mission he would make us do it for him.
Then the dream shifted into an area of bamboo forest which chinese flutes playing. Then we woke up.

E decide that given the similarilty of the dreams we will follow the instructions. We get a carriage to Tibithia which is south of Middenheim,

Tibithia is a walled village in the middle of very dense forest. (See map)
We explore the village and find the market, oh back in middenheim we find out that some gouls are frightened of lemons. We discover that the marke opens at 10am and its only 9am at the moment so we go to the inn for breakfast. Someone helps us by letting us know one of the inns is better than the other – we avoid the snobby one and go into the more down to earth one. Its friendsly. We discover that there is a training area in tibithia and through this building there is a passageway to a guy wh is very wise who lives in the deeper woods. He will know how we go about getting the madness god’s power back and where the glade is. While in the inn we see a grren flame jump out of he fire and go through the window – it seems to want us to follow it – we decide not to though and to stay on track.
We discover that the mayor has taken part of the villages common grond and made it into the golf course for him and the rich people and the villagers are angry about this. We also hear that there is a small humanoid trying to get the land back he seems to be offering a small water pistol to anyone who can reclaim the land – seems weird but that was what we were told.
We go to market get food supplies and some lemons 3 each. We also see a poster that offers a reward that is negociable for the capture or killing of 3 orcs which terrorise the village. This is offered by the mayor.
We go to a shop to find something to offer the wise man in return for his help and buy a yin yang plate for a good price that has a central part missing. The seller tells us too that he is a friend of the wise man and that the passageway can be found in the training center but might be locked up.

We go to the training center and blag our way in by pretending to be some trainees and we get to the room with the trap door – its not locked and we go through a tunnel then a bamboo forest path until with find the wise man (Kento Wamasapi) in a meditation shrine. He is meditating and was expecting us. Building behind him has people training to be ninjas and jumping through spiked hoops.

He takes us into the building and to a room where there is a circle of yin yang plates. We give hi the one we have for him with the coin in the center (which we used to gin the trust f the trap door which was enchanted) when the wise man puts the last plate in position a huge yin yang appears in the center and the man sits in it and meditates. Fuzzy mist appears around him. After nothing much else happening fitz and deosin decide to join him and as they do they are transported into another world.

We find ourselves sitting in a room with jasmine tea. The wise man says this is the ultimate peace space. One can meditate here for years and years d no time will have passed in the other world. So you can think here to solve problems and also gain enlightenment to take back to the other world.

He says he can’t help us with the secret glade until he has more power from the nature spirits and they need to have their land freed from the mayor. So we decide to do that . We go back to the tavern d by a nature spirit who helps us.

So we decide we need to get the towns people behind us to convince the mayor to give the people the land back. So we decide to ll the orcs and make a big scene of it so we can negociate the land as our rewards for the people. Then we will be able to return to the wise man and gain his help – also we can reinstate the wise man as the lead sensay at the traning center – a position that was stripped from him manyyears ago.

So we leave and we go to the dark woods and follow a small pathh we saw on the way in – it leads us to the 3 black orcs – we have a big battle and eventually succeed in killing the orcs – we take their heads back to the village nd place them on a pole in the market place. The mayor is reluctant to give us what we want but with the people behind us we manage to get his resignation and the wise man’s freind becomes the mayor and grants the people their land and the wise man back his training center. As the orcs are killed a new lightness takes over the land and a bue nature spirit flame appears to travel across the land energising . The blue flame of the area thanks us and a healing waterfall appears on the land and heals us of our wounds.



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