Sword of armies

fight with warrior of chaos

Having beat the scorpion we made armour of its shell giving us 2 points of armour everywhere except the head. Fitz sensed something strange going on with his 6th sense. He sees a hidden lever, pulls it and a doorwaybopens to a crystal cave. Its got quartz citrine gold and emerald . Stand on a rune and cave glows. See a statue and bamboo forest. Sapphire shoots out of the way we came in when I ask for help. It stops by scorpions tail in areana and we decide we need to harvest the tail. We take the tail to the buddha and he gives a bottlenofnblack fluid and a card saying deosin you shoukd trust more. we give all the jewels to the buddha and he turns them into a stone golum creature who takes on the qualities of the rocks it eats it like a balanced diet of mixed crystals. We call it fluffy.

Then we fight a chaos warrior with a triangle and ball of light which we destroy to kill him.



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